Movietube 4.4- Easy Android Entertainment

What is MovieTube? It is basically an Android app, which is a version of the popular Netflix without the monthly fees. You are given access to 20,000+ movies and TV shows in HD along with music to stream. Every video is streamed from a torrent and is not taken from any individual or organization in violation of a copyright as such.

MovieTube recently released their new version MovieTube 4.4 to fix various issues in its services. One of these was a faster load time for their HD movies meaning all HD movies load faster on the device for a no buffering experience. Another change was a bug fix for full-screen viewing problems on some videos. The library spans 18 languages and has a simple and easy to use user interface to boot. Streaming onto other screens is also an option using services such as Google’s Chromecast and such. Blu-ray movies have also been added recently.

Movies provided by MovieTube are separated by genre such as horror, comedy, etc. The details of the movie such as cast, producer, and a trailer alongside to watch are also given. The search results cam be arranged according to Release Date, In Cinemas, and Newly Released.

TV shows are listed according to the year in which they were released, Latest, and Popular. The episode numbers are also given. Genres for various shows can be applied to the search or you can pick a random one from the alphabetical list provided.

For those who love watching Japanese cartoons, an Anime section is also available to browse. The library includes anime in dubbed or subbed based on your personal preference. It has a section for Daily Updates, Featured, and based on the anime’s Genre.

Educational videos, such as documentaries and educational videos, made by various studios such as National Geographic and BBC are included in the library as well. The documentaries cover a large variety of topics from wildlife to man-made advancements in technology and mega-structures.

Recently, a music section was added to the already vast library of videos available on MovieTube. The hottest on the Billboard is provided with other languages as well such as J-Pop and K-Pop artists.


To download MovieTube 4.4 on your device, it requires at least Android 3.0 or later. The .apk file is available for download on Google’s Play Store as well as directly from the official MovieTube website. Once the application is downloaded, open it and set it up by selecting the country you are currently in. Afterward, choose the desired language to be used and you can then begin to browse videos and music unrestricted.

Loading of movies will be extremely fast as it is being streamed from the best torrents compiled onto your device. Thus you do not have any tension of buffering and can watch any part of the video directly. For iOS users, alternatives have been given on the website as well including HD Cinema app which is basically the same app with the exact same features but optimized for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Thus, dear Android-using reader, all your entertainment woes can be solved with a simple download of an app.


Showbox- A Modern Way To Stream Movies And Shows

Showbox is a new medium to watch videos, TV shows, movies and serials with free of bucks. Also, it allows you to watch latest Showbox movies in high quality.

It has gain a huge popularity in the media market. It is the only reason that it has grown up very well in a very short span of time. It is available for all platforms. You can use it on PC or any other OS. It is not only available for android but also for iOS.

Few years ago, people are not able to watch movies and TV shows properly. But now, with the help of Showbox app, we can get the most entertaining TV shows and films in our smart phones with free of cost.

Showbox is not limited to Smartphones. People who are not using android phones too can use this app. Showbox is available to all type of platforms and many other devices which are available in current market scenario.

In the present era, people are more attractive towards technology. By using their smartphone, they can watch movies, TV shows anywhere and anytime. Once you download Showbox app, you will be addictive to watch movies and TV shows with this app. You will be feeling like you have entered into a new world of entertainment with your smartphone. Showbox will be there for you to get movies and shows you follow in your daily life.

Due to its simple and user friendly interface, anyone can use this app. It has an easy navigation. This app doesn’t require any login details such as username and password. Everyone can use this without providing any personal information to Showbox. All it requires is a speedy and good internet connection.

So, Showbox is the most recommendable app in the modern era. You can easily watch your favourite stuff within your phone.

click here to download Showbox

Dns Server Not Responding

There were many inventions in the history that made a significant impact on the society and on human lives. These include electricity, telephone, computer and so on. But what about that one invention that proved to be the milestone of human inventions? That one invention which is driving our connectivity every day with the rest of the world? It is THE INTERNET. Isn’t it obvious that all our lives would come to a standstill without the internet for even an hour; that’s how much it has proved to be productive, entertaining and has evolved into literally a bridge of connectivity between humans.


A Domain Name Server(DNS) is one of the building blocks of the internet; To understand DNS it is essential to uncover the internet’s architecture. The connectivity through the internet is basically using unique addresses assigned to each and every connectable device. It is called the IP address (or) logical address. As humans are comfortable remembering names over number combinations, DNS was introduced. It gives a name to every unique number combination (IP addresses), so that it would be easy for us to access any website using its name as specified in the DNS.

Still, one or the other day we would have encountered this “dns server not responding” error message on our browser pages. A DNS error is nothing but the situation that arises when the corresponding IP address of the site your requested for could not be found on the DNS table.


This happens due to mis spelt site names or the site could have been taken down by the owner. Also, it is possible that a DNS error may occur due to mis configuration in the device that is used to make the search on the web. So clear DNS cache on your device and try reconnecting. Although, in order to identify the error, open command prompt (Windows key+R) and type “ping” followed by the site(s) name. If there is response from the site in the means of packets, then DNS has been mis configured on your device, else it is the site that’s causing this predicament. So, make sure the DNS is right; Happy Browsing!

Now Get The Movie Box Android Version!

Now it’s easy to get the Movie Box android version! The application has become popular among its users because of the very fact that now they don’t have to waste their money and time on queuing up in cinemas! Now one can stream unlimited movies, videos and TV shows on their android mobile phones too, all with the help of an internet connection. So, watching movies at your own comfort, from wherever and at any time, on your mobile phones is possible!

The application is however not officially available for android phones, but by using the below mentioned process you can download the Movie Box application for android phones. For this,

  • Download the Movie Box apk. file from the internet, or, transfer the file from your PC, if you have the required apk. file there.
  • Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Security’ and open ‘Unknown Source’ and allow Non-Play Store downloads.
  • Now find the apk. file and install it.
  • By checking the Trust option, you can use the application normally.

Movie Box is known for its frequent data-upgrade that adds latest flicks to million others that they offer. There is no language bar and one can get movies from across the borders.

The android version of the application allows various media formats like WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV and other, that too in a High-Definition mode. Plus, the users get access to the film posters, trailers, previews and rating. The search is systematic and well-organised, and so is the playback. One can find a variety of genres like Romance, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Thrillers and many others!


Movie Box doesn’t entangle its users in the process of signing up or paying money for the service. It’s totally user-friendly!

So, now that Movie Box is available for android gadgets, why the wait!

Fallout Shelter Cheats

While this game has become a craze among its users, cheats are bound to accompany you so that you play well and score more and more than your contemporaries. One can very easily some truly epic loot if he or she goes through the steps though it works only on every 1 out of 5 attempts. Here they go.

  1. Send out a single dweller which has been well trained and equipped to fight the wasteland. But remember to rest him for two hours at least.
  2. Once the rest time gets over, check your Wastelander’s log to check the last time when your dweller got a loot item.
  3. From 1 to 3 minutes before his most recent loot, immediately send two to four dwellers into the wasteland.
  4. Click on any building you want to rebuild and the position where you want to place it. Remove rocks until you have almost no money left instead of looking for empty spaces Now move forward and place the building wherever you wish.

maxresdefault (7)

This exploit needs you to start a new game with a completely new vault. Place the rooms and make the dwellers occupy them. Complete all the aims objectives from there, until you are pinged to either “Equip 1 Dweller With a Weapon” or “Sell 1 Weapon or Outfit.” Instead of completing either of those objectives which will make the exploit disabled, finish other missions until both of the aforesaid objectives are listed. Following there, you should see a mission to “Get 50 Water,” or to “Get 50 Food,” or to “Level Up a Dweller.” sometime soon. You can complete any of these three missions repeatedly, but only as long as you have not finished “Equip 1 Dweller With a Weapon” or “Sell 1 Weapon or Outfit”. Completing those repeatable missions is an easy way to quickly gather a whole pile of coins and lunchboxes. Hope these Fallout Shelter cheats help you enjoy your game to the fullest.

Dollar Cravings By Taco Bell

In august 18, 2014, Taco Bell launched a new value menu called Dollar cravings that included 11 food items each at $1, some food items were new while others had already been on the menu from some time.The taco bell dollar menu offers incredibly value for money, as customers can get any number of food items as they want from the value menu just at $1 each. The most interesting and fascinating point about the taco bell dollar menu is that all the food items present on the menu cost $1 exactly while other restaurants which gives offer like that don’t have all the products present in their menu at $1, only some of the food items are available at $1. Before the launch of taco bell dollar menu, one dollar never tasted that good, this is the saying of Taco bell.


The Burger King Dollar Menu was divided on the basis of five food cravings: ‘beefy’, ‘cheesy’, ‘crunchy’, ‘spicy’ and ‘sweet’. The Dollar cravings menu include the following food itmes – Beefy Fritos Burrito, Beefy Mini Quesadilla, Caramel Apple Empanadas, Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, Cheesy Roll Up, Cinnabon Delights, Cinnamon Twists, Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla, Spicy potato soft taco, Spicy Tostada and Triple Layer Nachos. These $1 priced menu food items are considered as mouth-watering, delicious and tempting alternative to other food options from the various fast food joints.Dollar cravings replaced Taco bell’s Value menu named Why Pay More. The most interesting fact about the new taco bell dollar menu is that for this extraordinarily low-priced chain, even $1 shows an increase in the actual price of some of  the food items.

Taco bell prices can vary depending on the location, but according to one independent price tracker online, the chain already had items for 99 cents, some of the examples are the Spicy potato soft taco, Cinnamon twists and Cheesy roll up. Cinnamon twists and a slightly different potato taco are now on the taco bell dollar menu,and they are actually more expensive than before by a penny.The pricing of the Dollar craving food items was largely determined by the competition from the other fast-food restaurants like McDonalds’s and Wendy’s. Though Dollar cravings menus offer an enticing decrease in the price for certain items, according to the multiple sources,the specific items on the “Dollar Craving” menus are now actually more expensive than before the launching of menu. In spite of the increase in price, most of the food lovers of Taco bell seem very happy to usher in this new era of dining at this fast food joint.


Now talking about the promotion and commercialization, on August 15, 2014, the new menu of Dollar cravings was advertised by the mobile application Snapchat.Crowd sourced content service ‘Seeking Alpha’ stated that “after the launch of the new taco bell dollar menu, it would improve same sales in store and once again it would increase the overall value of owning a Taco bell restaurant chain”.  According to the Canadian Internet News providing Service ‘Digital Journal’, the new taco bell dollar menu is a strategy which would attract the youth who had stopped visiting the restaurants due to their low income.’

Impressive Features Of FaceTime On IPod Touch 4th Generation

FaceTime is an excellent video calling app that has touched people’s lives with perfection. Now, it has become a household app for many people who are distanced by their closed ones. FaceTime makes it possible for the users to make video calls to their friends without any hassles.

FaceTime is an essential app in iPod Touch 4th Generation too. The video conferencing can be arranged to full effect on iPod Touch. You can simply tap a button and it says hello on your behalf to the person belonging to a different country. You can take an opinion about the shopping you do or make usual jokes with your friends, simply everything is possible through the FaceTime over iPod Touch.

download (12)

Here are some of the impressive features of FaceTime on iPod Touch 4th Generation:

 Tapping for Instant messages:

FaceTime on iPod Touch thinks totally out of the box and enables you to do things that are not possible on other platforms. You just need to enter the Apple ID and email address or simply create a new email account for FaceTime. Once you have signed up, you can make a video call to friends after starting up the Wi-Fi. The contribution of your friends to the call can simply be traced by clicking on the App FaceTime. You can send your friends an invitation asking them for a video chat. After the invitation is accepted, the real fun on Facetime begins. The seamless working of FaceTime makes it one of the perfect apps in the market.

You can run it in both landscape and portrait. This can really induce a lot of fun in your video call conversation with friends on FaceTime.

download (11)

 Two Cameras available at your disposal for usage in the video calling app:

In iPod Touch 4th Generation, you are offered the option of using either the front or the back camera. The front camera is basically used for the conversation with the friend over FaceTime. It is calculated at the right visual field and the right focal length that focuses at arm’s length. Hence, it is available to you in the best light. It is one of the best features of FaceTime in iPod Touch 4th Generation.

 You can share concerts and performances with your friends through the app:

The best part about facetime on pc is its ability to record concerts and other performances in real time with the tap of a button. You can later share it with your friends who missed the performance. It is an ample of fun and simple to employ.

Do You Owe More On Your Wilmington Nc Property Than It Is Valued

In this article, several points are discussed:

– The lender will give you a loan that will be paid back in time
– The buyer must be aware of the amount of the loan and the payment
– They have been in the area for over two, and they have been offering a great deal of financing for the past three years
– The county is a state of arizona and is highly qualified and is willing to help you with the best deal
– You can get a license to purchase a new york land sales representative


The second thing to do is to get a home equity loan. You can use the equity in your house to pay off your mortgage. You can also use the equity in your home to pay off your existing debts. If you are a home owner, you can use this equity to pay down the debt. You can use equity in your home to make more money. If you are a debt consolidation homeowner, you can use the amount of money you have to pay back.

The foreclosure bubble is a real estate market that is often seen by many. The real estate industry is growing and it is a good place to start. The market is growing and it is a real place to purchase properties. The real estate industry is booming. The property is a great way to get a real estate agent. It is a good way to get a real property in the city.

images (1)


The second is to be prepared to take a look at the real estate market. The buyer should be able to determine the amount of the property that is worth the time and effort. The buyer should also be aware of the property’s condition and the appraised value. The property should be inspected by the buyer to determine the value of the home. The seller should have a good appraiser who is in the position to make the sale. The appraiser should be able to identify the property and the condition of the sale.

The second option is to buy a home with a low interest rate. The interest on the mortgage is the amount of money you can afford to pay. You can borrow the amount of interest you need to pay off the principal. The second option is to get a fixed interest rate loan. The interest is fixed after the initial payment is paid. The fixed payments are usually paid monthly.

The first thing you must do is to make sure that your house is in the pre-approved foreclosure process. This is the second step in determining the right amount of money to make a good decision. The third is to make sure that you are able to get the best deals on the property. You can get a good idea of how much you can afford to pay for the property.

The first thing you need to do is to determine if you are a good lender or a cpa. You can find a cpa that specializes in the type of loans you are looking for. The second type of debt you will have to pay is the interest rate. You will be able to pay off the loan amount in a shorter period of time.

The buyer must be willing to negotiate the closing price and the seller’s contract. The seller must have a clear-closing contract that is signed by the buyer. Plus, the seller must have a clear intent on the closing of the transaction. The sellers must have a fair amount of money to make the transaction. The buyer must be aware of the payment and the closing costs. The seller must have a fair amount of payment to be notified of the closing costs.

The bank will be able to offer you a loan that will be repaid in a short period of time. The lender will be able to explain the loan amount and the repayment period. The borrower will be able to repay the loan in the span of 14 days. The borrowers will be required to provide proof of the income and repayment amount. The lender will have to provide proof of the income and employment history of the borrowers. The borrower will be able to provide the loan amount at the appropriate level.

The buyer can negotiate with the lender to make sure that the seller is in the right position. The realtor is required to provide a list of the necessary details of the buyer and the seller. The seller will be able to provide the buyer with a good deal of information regarding the property. The buyer should be familiar with the property before making the purchase. Furthermore, the buyer should have the property to be sold. The seller should have a good deal of information on the sale of the sims urban oasis.

How Water Softeners Work And Why Use One

Water softeners are all the rage right now. Their invention and commercialization a few years ago have added tons of benefits to the way everyday water consumers deals with water. But before we try to understand how they work, let us first cover a bit more about hard water. Being a misnomer, hard water is not hard, as you may have guessed. However, this term rightly applies to it, as hard water can cause a lot of problems, ranging from pipe blockage to clogged up taps, to an alkaline soapy feel on the hand to a downright salty taste.
download (10)Hard water is the result of naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium dissolving in water. Most water treatment facilities do a good job distilling the water and decontaminating it before it reaches your tap. However, due to the expensive nature of treating water for minerals on a large scale, they almost never tackle the problem of hard water.

One of the major benefits of treating hard water is having a less soapy, better-tasting water that is less prone to form calcite and other mineral deposit. This is where a water softener come into play. By using basic chemical principles, a water softener removes all the calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the water and converts it to what is commonly known as “soft water”.

Now that you have a good understanding of what is soft water, let us see how Best Water Softener work:

Water softeners are generally placed between your water mains so that it can purify the whole of the water used in your general household, ranging from kitchen water supply to bathroom to even gardening water. They are low maintenance devices that work on simple principles as we will see below.

By passing hard water through a resin or CO2 brine substrate that is rich-filled with sodium or potassium ions, the calcium and magnesium that constitutes hard water get swapped with those ions. Basically, the water softener’s main job is that of exchanging ions hence converting the hard water into soft water.
If you remember chemistry class, calcium and magnesium are positively charged. While sodium is positively charged as well, it carries a significantly lower charge than calcium and magnesium. When you pass calcium ions and magnesium ions (hard water) through some strong brine substrate rich in sodium ions, the sheer concentration of the sodium ions dislodges the calcium and magnesium ions. All water softeners contain a separate brine tank where they store salt (sodium ions).
download (11)As we can see, common salt is cheap and this reflects directly on the maintenance cost of water softeners – indeed, they are pretty much set and forget, with occasional maintenance that is not very costly.
Best of all, good quality water softeners have an automatic regenerating system, which means that they will automatically do the maintenance for you. You can, therefore, choose to place your water softener in a tight place away from sight as you will rarely need to reach for it. However, this only applies to automatic devices. Bear in mind that some water softeners are manual and will need to be activated and deactivated before every use.
As we can see, there are multiple benefits to a water softener. They are affordable devices that require little maintenance and you simply cannot go wrong with. Any water softener reviews available online should be able to guide you to a model that fits your needs.


Toronto SEO Company has introduced its Search Engine Optimizer: ‘Toronto Designed’, which allows new, unique or even existing websites to be able to emerge from among a group of other similar websites and serve the internet-users with the desired content.

Usually, certain websites which are very informative in their particular content are not able to come up and get noticed by the web-users. This maybe is because ofthe highlight missing from the relevant words and links. Therefore, as a genuine attempt at helping such websites, Toronto SEO has brought forth its ‘TorontoDesigned’ to get websites ranked on the first page of Googleand the results would be visiblein around just two weeks!

download (11)

The toronto seo offers a number of features to their users to make their marketing experience on Internet unforgettable. Firstly, it provides better visibility to the site. This allows the people to discover your website, even when they had no idea of existence of such a website. This makes work easy for both the searchers and the website owners!

And so, it brings added traffic to the page as being on the first page of Google naturally gets a lot of seekers. And the results are actually significantand visible. This further leads to finer profit as more searches bring more sales to you, rather than adding to some other website’s revenues!

Through Toronto SEO, and its features of free traffic, free leads, free customers and free profits, one obviously gains market dominance!  A dominant search engine rankingprovides your business the required integrity right away. This in turn promises the customers of the reliability of going through your website and its contents.

The procedure Toronto SEO employs to bring this into effect can be explained in three steps.

Research begins the optimization process byfirst analyzing the present state of the website, looking for the most beneficial keywords to target. Then, it fixes the website’s on-page SEO by setting up trackers such as Google Webmaster tools, and others. Finally,by using its link-building strategy,Toronto SEO builds certain links so that the website is ranked fast and first.

As every website is unique and different from the others in their keywords, content and market, a general notion of the time that Toronto SEO would take to bring forth the website can’t be stated. However, Toronto SEO offers free consultation so that clarifications can be made regarding one’s doubts.

images (10)

Toronto SEO is guaranteed. Also, as there are no long-term contracts, the user in not chained in obligations to be tied to the company even if it doesn’t bring into effect the promised output.

Unlike the other SEO’S, which may use illegal and tricky means to get their work done, Toronto SEOensures its users that its work ethics are in perfect accordance with the policies of Google.

Toronto SEO is located in the Toronto-area. It promises its users of long-termed and professional service that would make their marketing involvement on internet a success!

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